Park Policies

WE PRIDE OURSELVES on keeping our park neat and orderly. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated. The management reserves the right to evict anyone who refuses to comply with all the rules and regulations as provided.


NOVEMBER 1 – MARCH 31: Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm, Sat 8am – 12:00pm
APRIL 1 – OCTOBER 31: Mon – Fri 10am – 2pm • After hours: 813-782-1947


CHECK-IN: 8am – 6pm • CHECK OUT: 12pm
TRASH: Dumpsters & Recycle are located near Rec. Hall #2.
QUIETTIME: 10:30pm – 7:30am • NO construction on Sunday
NOISE: No resident or visitor shall emit or cause the emission of sound or noise that may cause a disturbance to other residents or visitors at Hillcrest. Noise complaints should be directed to the office and will be left to the management’s

1. REGISTRATION: All tenants must check in at office upon arrival prior to taking a lot. All tenants must advise office when checking out. Overnight guests of tenants must each personally register at the office upon arrival and prior to
departure. Unregistered guests will be barred from facilities.

2. VISITORS: Hillcrest is a 55 and older community and we must limit visits by guests to two weeks period per year. All guests must personally sign in and be identified by management, and must sign out upon leaving. A charge of $2.00 per night, payable in advance, will be made for each guest accordingly. All leases and/or rentals are for only two persons per unit. A resident must accompany his guest at all times while at Hillcrest, whether it is at the pool, shuffleboard courts,
clubhouse or other functions. Those not accompanied will be asked to leave. There will be no sleeping in vehicles on your lot. Only immediate family (parents or children only) of unit owner may use a unit when the owner is not in residence. Without exception office must be notified prior to arrival, of all names and lengths of stay. Those not registering with the office prior to unit occupancy will be reported as intruders. HILLCREST RV RESORT is not responsible for loss or damage to property of guests. Guests use all facilities at their own risk.

3. ANNUAL RESIDENTS: Please notify the park office of your intended arrival and departure dates. This is for your security and safety. Notify office of any immediate family that will be using your unit All new and existing residents must retain a copy of Park Model and Travel Trailer Requirements in their possession. Duke Energy 1-800-700-8744.

4. TRAVEL TRAILER REQUIREMENTS: Modern self-contained or park model units only. Sewer seal required, 3-wire grounded cords required. All units must be approved by office. Units must be kept in good condition and well maintained. Resident is responsible for properly shutting off water to their property at the time of departure. The owner or management of HILLCRE ST RV RESORT absolves themselves from all liability or responsibility pertaining to loss
due to any cause.

5. LOT CARE: Umbrella-type clotheslines will be the only line permitted. Umbrella line must be closed when not in use and always be closed at night. NO lawn mowing or construction on Sunday. NO appliances outside of unit. Annual charge for installed washers. One (l) “for Sale” sign will be allowed in park. Items may be posted on bulletin board. No tents of any kind, storage or recreational, will be allowed in park. No open or wood burning fires. Charcoal and gas grills
are permitted.

6. VEHICLES: You may only have two vehicles per lot unless approved by manager. Automobile repairs other than emergency repairs will not be permitted. Any vehicle that is inoperable must be removed from the park. Residents’ and guests’ vehicles must be parked only on resident’s assigned lot. Resident’s vehicles and those of guests not parked on resident’s lot WILL BE TOWED WITHOUT NOTICE at resident’s expense. All unoccupied RVs, motorhomes, boats and utility trailers (regardless of size) must not be parked on lots or behind units but may be put in storage area with monthly charge. No loud or annoying vehicles, in duding motorcycles, will be permitted in park. Three day limit is allowed for storage trailers or RVs needed to be loaded and unloaded on your lot at arrival and departure only.

7. CLUBHOUSE BUILDINGS: Open hours are 8am to 9pm November through March and 8am to posted time April through October. There will be absolutely no smoking or consumption of alcohol or controlled drugs in any of the
park facilities. There will be a recreation director who will be in charge of all recreational committees and activities. Shuffleboard and pool rules will be displayed at their respective sites. No swimsuits allowed in recreation building;
shoes and shirts must be worn. All bikes must be parked in racks provided, not on sidewalks, patio, lawn or pavement. No ball playing, skates or skateboards in streets, on patios, or walkways. ALL BICYCLES OPERATED AFTER SUNSET MUST HAVE LIGHTS. 

8. PETS: Dogs are allowed in the defined dog section only. They must be kept inside your unit or on a leash at all times. They may not be left unattended and must be kept quiet. Dog walk area is located on the north end of the park. DOGS
MUST BE ON A LEASH IN THIS SECTION ALSO. PETS MUST ALWAYS BE PICKED UP AFTER IN ALL AREAS. No pets over 40 lbs. in weight. No aggressive breeds allowed at any weight. Aggressive breeds would include but not limited to Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, or any animal with a history of biting. No more than 2 pets per unit.

9. RENTS& DEPOSITS: All rents & deposits must be paid by due date or there will be a $25.00 late charge. LOTS WITHOUT PROPER DEPOSITS WILL AUTOMATKALLY BE RELEASED FOR UNIT REMOVAL AND RENT TO OTHERS.
10. REFUND POLICY: See Reservation form, lease or office.